Lawn Care Services

Our Lawn Care Programs

The Silver Program

This entry-level lawn care program provides the essentials for a healthy lawn. It is comprised of 3 granular fertilizer applications and 4 weed control applications expertly spaced among 6 visits from April to September. 

The Silver Program Includes:

  • Spring Granular Fertilizer
  • Early Spring Weed Control
  • Early Summer Weed Control 
  • Summer Granular Fertilizer and Summer Weed Control
  • Mid-Summer Insect Inspection
  • Fall Granular Fertilizer and Weed Control

The Gold Program

Our Most Popular!

This lawn care program takes all the services of our Silver Program and further builds on it. It includes an additional granular winterizing fertilizer to help grass roots develop stronger for the next season. It also includes an annual core aeration service. This is a greatly beneficial application as it helps relieve lawn compaction and allows water and nutrients to be absorbed easier and leads to stronger, healthier roots and turf. 

The Gold Program includes all the treatments of the Silver Program, plus:

  • Spring or Fall Core Aeration
  • Kelp Treatment for Chinch Bugs
  • Winterizing Fertilizer Application

The Platinum Program

This is the best lawn care program we offer! It provides all of the services found in our Silver and Gold programs, and also includes an annual overseeding and granular compost topdressing after your core aeration. Customers with this program see the greatest results, and will have the thickest possible lawn.

The Platinum Program includes all of the treatments of the Gold Program, plus:

  • Annual ‘Seed and Feed’ Application with overseeding and granular compost topdressing
  • Lime Soil Conditioner to correct soil acidity