Core Aeration

What Is Core Aeration?

  • Core aeration is a mechanical service that pulls small cores (plugs) of grass and soil from the lawn. The cores are spaced at specific intervals, and are approximately 3″ deep.

Why Should I Aerate?

Aeration has several benefits:

  • Reduces Soil Compaction
  • Increases Oxygen Exchange With Soil
  • Enhanced Soil Water Uptake
  • Improved Fertilizer Uptake
  • Enhanced Drought and Heat Stress Tolerance
  • Thatch Breakdown
  • Stronger Turfgrass Roots


Without annual aeration, a compacted lawn will have more difficulty absorbing water, oxygen, and nutrients, and the roots will become shallow. This makes the lawn vulnerable to disease and drought. A thinner lawn will more more prone to new weed growth.

What Should I Do After Aeration?

The cores pulled during the aeration are left in place. Do not rake or remove them. Within 7-14 days, these cores will break down and disappear into the lawn.

Immediately after aeration is the best time to seed your lawn. This increases turf density and diversity. We offer over-seeding as well as a granular compost topdressing service, which enhances the microbial activity in the soil. When these services are combined, we get excellent results and a lush, healthy lawn!